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Show yourself how beautiful you really are

You are beautiful. Really – you are. Let me help you find your inner spark and capture your feminine fierceness in beautiful photographs that last for a life time.

I know – it takes vulnerability to step in front of a camera. But it’s worth it. I am here to help you forget about your stretch marks, your kids, and your deadlines. With me, you can relax. We always do a lot of laughing – it’s fun! I am here to help pamper you with your own makeover and to make you feel wonderful.

I am here to capture your beauty in photographs that you can keep forever. Even if you are getting these photos for your husband or boyfriend, you are the one who gets to have this experience. You are the one who gets to feel feminine, fierce, and beautiful.

And when you look at your photos throughout your life, you will remember how beautiful you really are. If you’re like me and many of the women I know, we could all use a reminder of how deeply beautiful we are.

I invite you to take a look around my site at both my glamour beauty and boudoir portraits. Get to know me and check out my work. And if you’d like to schedule a portrait to capture your glorious beauty, please send me an email today. Michelle

Your privacy will always be respected, none of your images will be used unless you give me permission. You will never be pressured into giving permission and your images will not be used without your permission. You can even choose to have your images removed from my hard drive after you have placed your order so you will have full control over where your images end up. I would love to be able to show my work on my blog but never without your permission.

Due to the nature of Boudoir photography you have the right to say how your images are used. I love to be able to show future clients how great everyone looks however If you wish your images to be kept completely private I respect that wish. Images are archived for 1 year unless you would like them removes sooner.

■Will there be anyone else involved in the shoot? Only you and I and a girlfriend if you choose to bring one. During boudoir marathons the make up artist and hairdresser will also be female.

■Can I bring my boyfriend or husband? A couples shoot can be arranged however husbands and boyfriends are not permitted at the shoots unless they are directly involved in a couples shoot, there is no waiting area so they will be asked to come back later to pick you up. You can bring a girlfriend for support, or organise a shoot for both of you. Children are not permitted at boudoir shoots under any circumstances.

Additional Information

Don't wear any glitter on your skin, it doesn't photograph well.

If you would like to shoot nude it isn't a problem so just let me know what you would like. You can be as conservative or as sexy as you would like. Implied nudity can be very tasteful, this means you look nude but no nipples or other private areas are shown.

Remove all restrictive clothing at least an hour before the shoot - I have robes available in the studio. This is to avoid lines on your skin from jeans, bra's etc.

What a great excuse to go shopping for stunning lingerie that you will look amazing wearing! High heels are a definite, stockings and chunky jewellery looks great in images. Some other ideas you might not have thought of are below.

•White cotton singlet tops and pants

•Sheer clothing

•Short Shorts

•Long socks

•Super cute knickers

•Silky robe

•Babydoll lingerie if you would like a bit more coverage around the midriff

•Tank top and knickers

•Negligee or slip nightie